It has been a very eventful month! From school starting back up, district events, and attending a conference on Early Childhood Education, it has been great to be out in the community and learning new ideas from my colleagues and constituents that I can’t wait to take action on in the upcoming veto session.

Read on for some upcoming district events, job and scholarship opportunities, and to hear about what I’ve been up to in the district and beyond! 

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State Senator Cristina Pacione-Zayas | 20th District

Response to immigrants arriving in Chicago from Texas and Gov. Abbott’s inhumane actions

On August 31st, a group of immigrants from Venezuela arrived in Chicago after they were “shipped out” on buses by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

I am proud that my state, Illinois, and my city, Chicago, continue to be the most welcoming places in the nation to our immigrant siblings. We welcome the newcomers as we work to deploy resources to support them in both the immediate and long term.

My community already took action. Chicago is the soul of our nation, a place built by the strength and contributions of people from all corners of the globe. A temporary shelter was staffed through the night by trusted partners including Rincon Family Services, Family Focus, and Onward Neighborhood House who support immigrants year-round through state funded Welcoming Centers. Many other local partners are mobilizing to ensure we can offer resources they need to settle and thrive in our community.

Also, I condemn Abbott’s lack of humanity with his approach to immigration. Our actions and/or the lack thereof reflect upon one’s character. The Governor of Texas has clearly failed this test.

Instead of using refugees as political pawns, our city and state choose to respond to our challenges with compassion and humanity, not cruelty. I commit to working with my colleagues to create opportunities for the new residents of Illinois ensuring prosperity is accessible to all people.

Job Opportunities + Resources

Check out my webpage featuring a list of job opportunities in Chicago and the 20th District. There, you can find links to jobs with the State of Illinois, Chicago Public Schools, local organizations and more.

Scholarship Opportunities 

District Events

Spotlight on federal student loan forgiveness

At the end of August, President Biden announced his plan to address student debt, which includes cutting monthly payments in half for undergraduate loans, modifying the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program to provide credit to borrowers who have worked at a nonprofit, military, or in federal, state, tribal, or local government, and protecting future students by reducing the cost of college.

As someone who is still paying back student loans, I know firsthand the challenges of balancing supporting a family and saving for the future when you have student debt.  I am thrilled that some relief is on the way, especially for folks with limited access to economic resources .Read my full statement on the federal student loan forgiveness plan here:

What I’ve been up to

I have had an amazing time at the end of August hosting a healthcare enrollment event aimed at providing coverage to undocumented residents, standing with tenants in support of the Keep Illinois Home Act, and attending the Early Childhood Education Conference to learn from lawmakers and academics across the country! Check out photos and details from these events here:

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